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Employment-Based Immigration

Religious Workers (EB-4 Special Immigrant)

Permanent Residency through Religious Workers
Religious worker’s petition may be filed by or for the alien, who (either abroad or in the United States) for at least the two years immediately preceding the filing of the petition has been a member of a religious denomination which has a bona fide nonprofit religious organization in the United States. The alien must be coming to the United States to work for the religious organization as: (1) ministers of religion; or (2) professionals working in religious vocations or occupations; or (3) other workers in religious vocations or occupations.


  • For at least 2 years immediately preceding the time of the application, the alien “has been a member of a religious denomination having a bona fide, nonprofit, religious organization in the United States,: and
  • The alien seeks to enter the U.S.:

    (1) Solely to carry on his vocation as a minister; or

    (2) If before October 1, 2008, he seeks to work in a professional capacity in a religious vocation or occupation or to work for an organization or affiliate in a religious vocation or occupation; and

    (3) He has been carrying on such vocation, professional work or other work continuously for at least 2 year period, either abroad or in the U.S.
  • The alien must be paid by the religious organization for his religious service rendered. The alien shall not be solely dependent on supplemental employment or solicitation of funds for support.

Application Procedures
No labor certification application is required. The I-360 Special Immigrant Petition can be filed by the applicant himself or by his/her employer. The immigrant petition cannot be filed concurrently with I-485 Adjustment of Status Application. The I-485 Adjustment of Status Application can be filed only after the I-360 immigrant petition is approved.







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